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Make your impact with world-class training

Business Master Class

Your business transformation begins April 22-24, 2024

Rated World's Best Business Master Class

Rated World's Best* Business Master Class.

9.98 out of 10 rated by 7,724 global business leaders.


  • "Broke our all-time revenue record then doubled it!"

    Steven Wijaya

    Consumer Goods

  • "Top line revenue grew $10M in one year after."

    Tina Webb


  • "Built and sold a new app company for $60M."

    Trey Moore


  • "Assets under management grew from $35M to over $8B."

    Cody Foster

    Financial Services

  • "Implemented one idea resulting in $150,000 in extra income!"

    Pamela Stuenenberg

    Real Estate

  • "Strategies implemented made for a 37x ROI on the event investment."

    Chris Carnanhan

    Forest Industry

  • "Revenue grew by $1.3M (44%) in one year."

    Vincent Fung

    IT & Cybersecurity

  • "Revenue increased by 92% in 12 months."

    Chris Huntley

    Financial Services

  • "Yes! I want to attend BMC with the GOGO offer!"

    Troy Berg


This is not a "one-and-done" event...

This is a full year of growth and support.

Begin your Business Master Class experience with a fully immersive three-day business training with Darren. Unmatched anywhere in the world, Darren's content, delivery style and expertise are why we receive a 9.98 attendee satisfaction rating every BMC!

That is just the beginning as you leave BMC equipped with the right resources to take immediate action on your learnings and big ideas.

Our proprietary HARDYbot and BMC A.I. Integration Portal tools make post-event implementation straightforward and simple, so you and your team can experience a “return on event investment” quickly.

And that's not all...

All this, combined with the accountability and connection that's available to you inside our Hardy Club Community platform, creates a powerful combination, ensuring you reach the next level of your business journey fully supported by Darren, the A-Team and our BMC Alumni Community along the way.

Full Year Support including Immersion with a three day business master class, Accountability with the Hardy Club Community, and Action with AI Integration Portal and HARDYbot

Plus, get access to these exclusive bonus gifts - this April only

$4,740 Value

Where Achievers Meet

Hardy Club Annual Pass

World’s most valuable virtual country club

More than 5,000 global leaders pay $4,740 annually to have access to the Hardy Clubhouse and all the resources, idea exchanges, and invaluable associations inside.

This is the high-level association base you’ve always been looking for. Never again will you be at a loss to get connected to almost anyone you want - for the rest of your life.

With your registration, you will be given this annual access pass complimentary, as an added gift.

$10,000 Value

Automatic Action Engine

BMC AI Integration Portal Annual Pass

Darren has designed the proprietary prompt formulas for every BMC strategy you will learn allowing you to input your business, product or service and target customer profile.

Armed with those formulas, the AI engine will immediately output all your marketing communications, ad copy and creatives, video scripts, blog articles, social media posts, email sequences, mobile marketing campaigns, and more.

It will also output your entire recruiting, vetting, onboarding, and training system as you bring on top talent and build your high-performing culture.

Access to this portal programmed with Darren's proprietary strategy formulas is worth the price of admission alone.

With your registration, you will be given this annual access pass complimentary, as an added gift.

$5,000 Value

Darren on your desk!

HARDYbot Annual Pass

2024 introduces an unprecedented companion to your BMC journey—the HARDYbot. With exclusive one-year access, this AI bot has been trained on the complete Business Master Class curriculum, plus hundreds of hours of private Q&A sessions, offering personalized business advice, mirroring Darren's insights tailored to your unique challenges.

This also includes any team building and leadership issues you encounter-recruiting top talent, vetting, onboarding, training, motivation, and driving high-performance on your team.

Imagine having direct business guidance from Darren 24/7/365. HARDYbot now makes this a reality.

With your registration, you will be given this annual access pass complimentary, as an added gift.

$5,000 Value

Don't miss a thing

Event Recording Access

While we recommend you join us throughout BMC LIVE, we understand you may have a conflict arise during our days together.

This is why we provide session recordings during and after Business Master Class for a limited time. This allows you to have greater flexibility during BMC and in the days following, as you implement and take action on your learnings.

You will have the opportunity to Rinse and Repeat these invaluable recordings for up to 96 hours after Business Master Class ends.*


The Ultimate Playbook

Exclusive Handbook Gift

Designed and crafted with excellence by Darren himself, this handbook is not just a companion for your Business Master Class journey; it transforms into an invaluable playbook that continues to guide and inspire long after our three-day event has concluded.

Total Bonus Gift Value


All of this for as little as $895

$695 today!




for one year

BMC Experience

Yearlong business growth journey

Everything you get...
  • Virtual Business Master Class with Darren Hardy
  • Beautiful hardbound BMC Handbook gift
  • Hardy Club Annual Pass
  • BMC AI Integration Portal Annual Pass
  • HARDYbot Annual Pass
  • BMC recording access for 96 hours post-event

Or pay-in-full to save $345

*** Most Popular ***



for one year

All-Inclusive VIP Experience

Elevated experience - Limited Availability

Everything in BMC EXPERIENCE plus...
  • VIP-exclusive rooms, networking & meet-ups
  • Private Q&A sessions with Darren during the event
  • Post-event VIP-exclusive mentoring session with Darren (extra $5,000 value)
  • VIP Q&A recording access (lifetime access)
  • FIVE extra days of recording access post-event

Or pay-in-full to save $745



for one year

BMC VIP Team Pack

Upgraded experience for Leader + 3 Team Members

Everything in BMC EXPERIENCE and VIP EXPERIENCE plus...
  • Bring three business leader rock stars with you
  • Auto-upgraded seats to VIP for you and your team at no additional cost. (that's an $8,000 gift)

It has been proven you will experience more than a three times greater impact on future results if you attend with peers or team members.

Pay-in-full to save $1,985

300% ROI Guarantee

If by the end of only the first day, you don’t think you will see a 3 TIMES RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you can excuse yourself from the session, send back your materials and you will be 100% reimbursed.


Yes, we are that confident you will absolutely love the impact this will have on your future. More info here.

Documentation beats conversation.

Why our Alumni return again & again...

7,724 global leaders have proven breakthrough results.

Have questions?

Find out directly from Darren as he answers several commonly asked questions.

Have more questions?

Read below or our Member Experience team is standing by on LiveChat to help you!

Who is this Business Master Class for?

The Darren Hardy Business Master Class for unusually driven entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to build and accelerate a high-impact, high-growth, and high-performing enterprise. At the Business Master Class, Darren will cover more than 500 business-building breakthrough ideas and strategies drawn from the best in the world. With them, you can choose to become the market authority, dominate your industry, influence those you lead, transform your community and make a lasting impact.

Do these strategies apply to all industries?

Yes, these strategies are universal principles that always work for all businesses. You’ll learn what drives human psychology to respond, to buy, to buy more, to buy more often, to refer others, and to champion your cause. Darren has spent a career collecting, testing and proving which principles work for the small to mid-size business, and those are the principles taught in the Business Master Class.

I don't have the money right now

Every self-made millionaire starts at zero. So what separates them from everybody else? Nothing. They were just resourceful. You can be good at one of two things: making money or making excuses, but you can't be good at both. Your set of circumstances may require you to be resourceful, and if so, it will 100% be worth it. 300% in fact – Darren is guaranteeing you’ll see how you will see at least 3X your investment. You spend a dollar and are guaranteed to see 3 in return. So, not only will this become free to you… it will PAY you to be here. In results, of course!

I'm worried about virtual events. How does it work?

Our Alumni report that the learning experience in the virtual environment is superior to anything else. You always have the best seat in the house, up close and personal! Plus, it’s a huge bonus to not have to pack a bag, travel across the country, or in many cases across the world, only to sit in a cold, cramped ballroom full of strangers where you mostly spend the day, ironically, looking at a jumbotron screen the whole time. This way, you can participate in the Business Master Class right from your normal environment.

I have a scheduling conflict during the event dates. Will this event be recorded?

Absolutely! We understand that life can be busy, and conflicts can arise. That's why we offer complimentary access to event recordings for all BMC guests. This valuable gift allows you to fully immerse yourself in the event content, even if you can't attend it live. We do the HardyHustle and aim to have the recordings available as soon as possible at the end of each day of BMC. After the event concludes, you will have access to the event recordings for a generous 96-hour period. VIP guests enjoy a more extended recording access period. In addition to the initial 96-hour window, VIPs get an additional five days of recording access. This totals more than a week of post-event access, giving VIPs ample time to revisit and reinforce their understanding of the content.

This is a really big decision for me. How do I decide?

It's okay if you are a little nervous. Many of the now-alumni of the Business Master Class felt like they would be a little out of their element before they came as well. They, too, thought maybe they or their business wasn't ready or didn't qualify, but then they attended and they rose up to meet the level of the rest of the group. As Darren’s mentor, Jim Rohn said, “Don't join an easy crowd. Go where the expectations are high. The challenge is great, and the demands are many because that's where the victory is sweet.”

What is the schedule for the 3-Day BMC Event?

Our upcoming BMC is Monday-Wednesday, April 22-24. We always start our event on time at 10AM Eastern Time and conclude each day around 7:30PM Eastern Time.

What are the technology requirements to participate in this virtual event?

Darren’s Business Master Class is delivered LIVE virtually. A private, distraction-free environment with a reliable internet connection for the 3 days you are with us is all you need.